National – July 2017 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

Most of the images in this category involved baseball, and two images stood out from the others. The 1st place winner is a well done photo that exemplifies minor league baseball - a water balloon catching contest. But the expression is great, the action is at its peak and the spray of the water combined with the colorful background makes for a fun picture to look at. The 2nd place photo gave us a chuckle as two of MLB’s top players, Texas Rangers Jonathan Lucroy and Mike Napoli, have fun with each other’s beards. We’re not easily swayed by photos just because they are of major leaguers, but this one is fun and works for us. We liked the reaction of the basketball players as the little girl entertained them in our 3rd place image. It was lively and different, as usually we see fans reacting to players.The alternate photo, of an NFL player, is interesting and well done.

Judges: John Harte/Bakersfield College, Alex Horvath/New York Newsday