National – June 2017 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

There are solid moments, but the images tended to be familiar and one­ dimensional. Very few surprises. Solid photos. Not a lot of “cute kid” photos, which was a relief. Quite a few had some good local news value as opposed just “wild art”. 1st­ Very nice seeing, with depth – in other words a foreground and background that contribute to the storytelling. Very nice moments in one frame. 2nd – Humorous moment in an unexpected context. This is a difficult photo to make, especially with the photographer appearing to be partially out of the plane. Nice seeing to add the Army information on the left. 3rd – If you’re going to do a “cute kid” photo, this is the way to do it. There’s depth to the photo – foreground/background, very nice moments/emotion. There’s such a variety of expressions that encourages the viewer to stay with the photo.

Judges: William Snyder/RIT, Karen Cetinkaya/RIT