National – June 2017 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

Weak category. More effort needs to be made to “see” the person and capture their essence and personality in order to give the portraits more meaning and power. Only one “illustration”. 1st­ A thoughtful, different way of bringing subject and environment together. It’s not a person standing in front of a place with his arms crossed. It feels dreamlike and the viewer lingers with the image. 2nd – Nice seeing, nice angle. Good use of color palette. Very graphic. Unexpected. 3rd – Good use of color palette. Nice “moment” with the bubbles. Subtle composition, not centered with the inclusion of the surface.Too often portraits of swimmers are made out of the water – this is surprisingly simple and effective. A good merging of subject and environment.

Judges: William Snyder/RIT, Karen Cetinkaya/RIT