National – June 2017 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

Overall most of the photos including some of the winners would have had better impact with more attention paid to the cropping. In the days of actual clips, that was sometimes not the purview of the photographer, but now that we’re entering files, please give your crop more attention. Good, tight action moments weren’t as plentiful as we would expect in this category. The winners and a few others stood out. 1st – Good, tight action although a squarer crop would accentuate the interplay between the three figures. Great faces. Peak moment. 2nd – Arresting image. Clean, simple, impactful – good moment. The photographer used the light, the angle and depth of field to draw the viewer’s eye right to the subject. 3rd – Another good moment. Many times these home plate plays only feature one face but this one featured two great faces. Another image that would have benefited from a tighter crop – in this instance, making the image more vertical helps quite a bit.

Judges: William Snyder/RIT, Karen Cetinkaya/RIT