Mid-Atlantic – July 2017 – General News

Judges Comments

Largest category this month with many entries containing multiple photos that could have been stronger if they were edited down.Noticed a lack of names on some captions and also some captions that needed to be cleaned up for contest of in­ house style practices. 1st: Use of light/shadow here made a mundane scene moody and interesting. Also nice job of framing two scenes together to make a more complex frame2nd: Love the moment between the turtle and the professor – both have great facial expressions. Lighthearted frame that made us smile too.3rd: The juxtaposition of the girl with all the prison guards stands out compositionally. Photographer should have gotten name of the girl and person she was standing with to give more context to the story.

Judges: Chelsea Purgahn/Tyler Morning Telegraph, Sarah Miller/Tyler Morning Telegraph