Region 4 – January 2015 – Feature/Multiple

Judges Comments

First place: Great story and access. Wonderful moments between the twins, and we appreciated how carefully composed many of the images seemed. Somer of the judges got a little lost with photos 4-6, which did not seem as strong as the other photos, but did not detract from the story. We all especially loved the last photo. Second place: Beautiful images, great light and visual variety, showed a lot of patience. Third Place: Great job at finding visual variety in this situation. Great detail of the projector. The final photo was wonderful and would probably placed higher if submitted as a single. HM: Some really nice moments and access, would have liked a tighter edit with more visual variety.

Judges: Sam Goresh/GateHouse Media, Kayana Szymczak/Freelance Photographer, Maddie Meyer/Getty Images, Scott Brauer/Freelance Photographer