South – May 2017 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

First stood out because it's an unexpected jubilation shot that you don't see often in golf. Of course the fact that it's a NFL player probably played a role. It also has good layering. Second was good because it's clean and a different angle to the rodeo. In the third place photo, we liked the expressions in the fans' faces and capturing the scramble for the free ball. There were a few shots where we liked what the photographer was trying to do but it wasn't executed as well as we wanted it. One photo appeared to be mislabeled which was a shame because it couldhave contended in feature single.

Judges: Robin Chan/Wicked Local, Marc Vasconcellos/Brockton Enterprise, David Sokol/Wicked Local, Alyssa Stone/Wicked Local, Carolyn Bick/Freelance