NY/International – May 2017 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

Two entrants had submitted more than one photo when the single/feature category specifically states that only one photo may be entered per entrant. This is unfortunate since these were the strongest images submitted in the entire category.Some entrants had incomplete captions or failed to obtain names of persons in photos. Additionally, some captions were poorly written with poor grammar, punctuation and lacking AP style. The category was all around weak. The 1st place winner had excellent light, well composed overall, the caption gave the photo more strength as a standalone image. 2nd place winner overall well composed and creative, crop could’ve been used to straighten. 3rd place winner, was a strong image and excellent moment,however, a tighter crop could’ve been used to make the imagestronger than it currently is.

Judges: Ana Ramirez/Victoria Advocate, Angela Piazza/Victoria Advocate, Nicolas Galindo/Victoria Advocate