Region 9 – November 2015 – Sports

Judges Comments

This was the strongest category overall. And boy are there some great sports shooters in Region 9. 1st - composition is spot on. and the energy rotating your eye thru the photograph is great. couldn’t find flaw with it… exposure, color, cleanliness of the background, everything works here. 2nd - nice high energy sidelines moment. i like that it encompasses the fan and player’s energy in s single frame. appreciate the composition (that he’s not centered and has room to run into). our only wish is that the fans were looking at #27 and connecting with him. 3rd - tough to pull up the wide-angle in a situation like this. this photo is all about reacting, and the photographer did it well (would love to see the next frame, hope the photog didn’t get creamed!). Alt - nice composition, and action shot. solid game daily.

Judges: Melissa Lyttle/Independent Photojournalist, Eve Edelheit/Tampa Bay Times, Amy Pezzicara/Independent Photojournalist