Region 9 – November 2015 – Spot News

Judges Comments

Really weak category. Only two entries, both of which were sorta f/8 and be there-type photos.... 1st - Wish that the photographer had taken some chances to make a different picture there other than what was given… Maybe they could’ve waded into the water, worked a reflection, or just brought the camera down to water level to make a better composed photo rather than the straightforward shot they made. 2nd - Super pedestrian angle, showing no real skill by the photographer. You’ve got smoke, a beautiful sky, cool trees, even if nothing is happening moment wise… go work that… Get closer. Or at least out of the car….

Judges: Melissa Lyttle/Independent Photojournalist, Eve Edelheit/Tampa Bay Times, Amy Pezzicara/Independent Photojournalist