Northwest – April 2017 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

1st – Great moment. It's two pictures in one. Both with peak moments. Nice crop and clean background. 2nd – We don't see much steeplechase in our neck of the woods, so we may be reacting to the uniqueness of the sport. If so, we apologize. We really like this moment. We also thought it could have used a crop from both the right and left to make it a bit more vertical and also make the circular pattern created by the subjects more pronounced. 3rd – Solid header shot. Could also use a crop from right and left. Who doesn't find it fascinating when a soccer ball does that when it hits a human head? Certainly not us.

Judges: Denny Simmons/Courier & Press/The Gleaner, Mike Lawrence/Courier & Press/The Gleaner, Sam Owens/Courier & Press/The Gleaner