Central – April 2017 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

Many of the images submitted were disqualified for poor captions. If your photo wasn’t selected for this round, please consider a thorough caption for your next submission. First place: We selected this images in part because it was a good moment, and because it filled the frame nicely. It would be interesting to see what a tighter shot of just the guy’s face would look like. But overall good job! Second place: This is where good captioning makes all the difference. At first I thought this belonged in the spot news category, but after reading the caption I realized that it was in the right place. We thought this was an interesting moment, with a decent story behind it. Having the canoers in the foreground with the flooded road in the background tells the story well. Third place: Is a nice moment, again with a good caption. It is simple,clean, with a very non ­distracting background.

Judges: Ralph Musthaler/The Salisbury Daily Times, Chris Rolinson/Point Park University, Sean McKeag/Times-Leader