Central – April 2017 – General News

Judges Comments

There seems to be a bit of confusion between the General News and Feature Single. We did our best to separated what was a news photo,with images that belong in the feature category. Quite a few strong images were disqualified for this reason. First place: Was selected because it was a good moment for the subject matter discussed in the caption. It also has actual news value, and is an import topic for discussion. There is an AP style error with the date, but other than that the caption was thorough. Second place: This photo might have been passed over if it wasn’t for the caption. Press conferences are often among the most boring subjects to photograph. We decided to give the photographer credit for taking a boring assignment and making it interesting. The caption was well written, and gave context to this moment. Third place: This image fills the frame nicely from left to right. It has movement in both directions and is captioned well. I would suggest for all contestants to include the state along with the city or township name in the caption.

Judges: Ralph Musthaler/The Salisbury Daily Times, Chris Rolinson/Point Park University, Sean McKeag/Times-Leader