New England – April 2017 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

Some of the entries seem like extended daily news assignments and not necessarily a photo essay. The stories chosen had in­-depth looks to topics not often covered and the photographers went back at least a few times to shoot their stories. 1st place: This photographer took us through the start and finish of a process that most readers probably don’t know a lot about, and did a nice job explaining the industry in the captions and through visuals.Could benefit from a tighter edit, but overall nice job. 2nd place: While the photos were thoughtfully composed, many miss human element of emotion. That said, captions help add that emotion with personal anecdotes. Nice job shooting tough dark lighting situations – especially love motion frame of group in the water fishing. 3rd place: Tight edit on a portrait­ driven story that benefits with quotes from subject in caption. The captions helped give us context to why Tiffany was in these environments in which she’s portrayed. Tastefully shot story on sensitive subject.

Judges: Sarah A. Miller/Tyler Morning Telegraph, Chelsea Purghan/Tyler Morning Telegraph