New England – April 2017 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

Strongest category of the month for New England. A lot of peak moments that were timed well by the photographers, so nice job to all entrants. Some of decisions came down to cropping, toning and caption inaccuracies. 1st place: One of the best peak action for baseball out of a heavy baseball category. Love that player is almost entirely in the air, a clear shot of his face with ball in frame and pretty clean background. 2nd place: Unique perspective of the batter, clean composition, and added bonus of a bat breaking with ball still in the frame, no less.Would have placed 1st but too many spelling errors in caption. 3rd place: This photo stood out among lacrosse photos. Most lacrosse photos just had people running, while this one still has ball in frame, and lacrosse stick flying in air. Feels more storytelling than other lacrosse frames.

Judges: Sarah A. Miller/Tyler Morning Telegraph, Chelsea Purghan/Tyler Morning Telegraph