Region 9 – September 2015 – Spot News

Judges Comments

1st We are wondering why there is no mention of the twister in the caption. That's what makes this image first place. 2nd great angle, nice light, well composed. Add all of this up, and it takes a well-earned second. 3rd place had entirely too many redundant photos. Edit this down from 10 image to 5 and it would have taken first place. It was brought down by its weaker images. The five I would keep: aerial view, ragged dress, tight shot of family, family looking over the fence, and the image with one person lower than the rest looking for Tyson Lucas Black. Too many other images are at the same distance away from the subject, offering very similar views that don't add to the story.

Judges: Matthew Apgar/Northwest Herald, Sarah Nader/Northwest Herald, H. Rick Bamman/Northwest Herald