Region 9 – September 2015 – General News

Judges Comments

1st place was a very beautifully composed, graphic image. Good job in directing our eyes where the photographer wanted them. Good use of light and silhouette. 2nd Pope visit was a nice collection of images, but it could have been edited even tighter. Some of the images could have won 1st if they were entered as singles, but were dragged down to 2nd with weaker images. Our favorite image was of Jennifer Briseno. We played around with cropping this a little to remove woman at left and tighted it up some. Images of Jaeda Batin, people praying, and group photographing were also strong. Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia and detail of prayer ribbon could have been cut. Hi-five photo doesn't quite work because it looks like she's slapping him in the forehead. 3rd was a nice emotional moment with nice light.

Judges: Matthew Apgar/Northwest Herald, Sarah Nader/Northwest Herald, H. Rick Bamman/Northwest Herald