West – February 2017 – General News

Judges Comments

First place comes from a dreaded school board assignment. But it's a really subtle and strong image. You can just tell that man is in some kind of turmoil and then reading the caption explains it. Great job of moving up close and framing it well with others huddling and talking about him in the background. Second is a solid piece of work during flooding. Is that spot news or general? Could go either way but with flooding you do usually know about it in advance and can plan ahead. Going out and finding a great situation is called for and that's what happened here. Third is one of those can't miss assignments. Great moment after the ashes were spread at sea. If you don't nail that you're in the wrong business. There were two entries with multiple images that were severely weakened by too many images that were so-so. Better served to enter your best two or three as singles rather than making judges have to consider the ten or twelve together. There was also a firetruck crash image that was nice but really spot news.

Judges: Guy Reynolds/Dallas Morning News, Michael Hamtil/Dallas Morning News, Ashley Landis/Dallas Morning News