Region 9 – September 2015 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

1st place was unanimous. Very HCB with your decisive moment. Having that sliver of separation between the leading foot and the next boulder really gives that slight bit of tension and makes us wonder what's next. The umbrella is a great, quirky element that plays into the weather, along with the nice moody sky. 2nd is a really nicely done impromptu portrait of Marakus Gaines. The eyes stare deep into the viewers, and the color and composition made us pick this one for second place. 3rd was difficult. We each liked a different image for third place, but this one won out for the pictorial quality even though it's something we've seen so many times before. HMs went to the Burke students jube, and Raptors fan. Student jube was very cluttered and the entire right third of the image did nothing for the picture. The Raptors image was different and an interesting find, but I wish we could see just one of their faces with some kind of emotion on it.

Judges: Matthew Apgar/Northwest Herald, Sarah Nader/Northwest Herald, H. Rick Bamman/Northwest Herald