Region 8 – February 2015 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

Weak category in terms of composition overall, but the winners clearly stood out on their own. Entries with several photos from the same event were less successful, as it seemed the photographer(s) couldn't self-edit—photographers should pick their best photo from an event, since this is a single image category. Our third place photo probably would have gotten a higher place if they would have gotten a name on their subject; great composition, seemed like the photographer spent some time with the situation. Second place image has interesting layers, seems like a great photo for an everyday feature hunt at a dog park. First place has interesting movement, the point of entry on the photo is obvious on the subject's face, great moment overall in an overwhelming situation. Easily the winner of the set. As a note, we would like to remind competing photographers to please make sure they remove their names from the embedded metadata.

Judges: Kris Wilson/Jefferson City News Tribune, Kile Brewer/Jefferson City News Tribune, Leah Beane/Jefferson City News Tribune