Region 9 – October 2015 – General News

Judges Comments

This category spurred the most discussion from judges for the final winners. Some solid storytelling on each of these. First place is not only compositionally sound, but also brings us into the subject quickly to connect with her. Her environment adds to her personality and her in this moment of her life. Well done. Second place has nearly everything we wanted, and was incredibly close to being named the top photo. What held it back for us where two things: the crop and need for more in the caption. The van on the right pulls us away from the moment, and isn't necessary. We also want to know more information on the Ebony Brown and her son and their story, if she is homeless and how long and why. If you're going to talk to her to get her name, ask her the few more additional questions to bring us some highly journalistic caption writing to advance not only the shelter's story, but Ebony's too. This second place photo has the best moment in the category — hands down. Third place is a beautifully shot silhouette with some solid moments. We are pulled away by the vignette and the person at the far left of the frame. Try to watch your sensor spots as well.

Judges: Jake May/The Flint Journal, Sean Proctor/The Flint Journal, Danny Miller/The Flint Journal