Region 9 – October 2015 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

Some nice features in this category. First place was the frame made with most thought, and had a beautiful moment. Great access for a journalistic necessity in visual storytelling to humanize the principal who was shot. Well done. Our advice is to watch the left side of that frame. The layers almost work, but we want to see cleaner layers on the left side. Second place is clean and a seemingly different moment behind the scenes. Looking to shoot it a bit wider or less crop, to leave breathing room for subjects. Third place is an interesting angle, and a strong visual approach to what could be a mundane assignment. The exposure is a bit off, and the body language, which appeals to the judges most, is concealed by the grass a bit too much. Just need to see some more. Would be nice to see the subject a bit more prominent in the frame to adjust.

Judges: Jake May/The Flint Journal, Sean Proctor/The Flint Journal, Danny Miller/The Flint Journal