Mid-Atlantic – October 2016 – Spot News

Judges Comments

1st: Caption is good, but don’t need caption to know what’s happening -- everything you need to know is in the picture. Very visually appealing with smoke coming off hay bales, nice light and good eye for composition in busy situation. 2nd: Strong composition with graphic use of lines. Context is shown in lines with caution tape and nice spacing of officers examining the scene. A quieter yet heavier scene than first place. 3rd: Good job on getting names and ages for the people in the photo. Like the repetition of boys covering noses. Placed this as third as we’d have liked to see a bit of a stronger moment — if there had been a stronger moment, it would have been first, but compositionally wasn’t as strong as the other two.

Judges: Chelsea Purgahn/Kalamazoo Gazette, Bryan Bennett/Kalamazoo Gazette