Region 3 – November 2015 – Spot News

Judges Comments

The first place image did a good job capturing the relationship between the officers and the children. A lot of photographers capture the scene in front of them, but miss focus on the greater community impact of what an image can say. This shows how children and police interact, and is a necessary image. Second place is a compositionally-strong photo, but could have been cropped to clean up the edges. The details in the photo, such as the charred wood and open sign, help give it depth. The third place photo is necessary to show what happened on the scene. Judges were split on whether to shoot this tighter or keep it loose. That said, all judges agreed the frame could be bettered by cropping out the sky on the top right.

Judges: Jake May/The Flint Journal, Sean Proctor/The Flint Journal, Emily Mesner/The Flint Journal