Region 3 – November 2015 – Feature/Multiple

Judges Comments

A strong set of stories came through in this category, which we were impressed by. The first place is a clear winner with vision looking at long-form visual storytelling. We encourage the photographer to continue to shoot this, as it's not completed and it;s truly a story anybody who lives in the Rust Belt states can relate to. Very impactful, but until completed, a tighter edit would have been our suggestion to start. Second place is a good example of how you can visually tell a story in one assignment through visual variety and moving your feet to see differently. Third place has some good individual frames and good access, but it needs a tighter edit to get to the story faster. Too much visual similarity on the story as a whole for this many pictures.

Judges: Jake May/The Flint Journal, Sean Proctor/The Flint Journal, Emily Mesner/The Flint Journal