Northwest Region – July 2016 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

This was a weak category with a lot of entries not falling into the portrait or illustration category. A lot of photos were of a person doing a thing or standing somewhere and didn't seem to have a lot of foresight as to composition or intent, as well as any insight to the person. First place had an intentional beautiful use of light to highlight the player. We especially loved the placement of his eye in the triangle of light. The crop and composition help to bring out the personality of the player Second place was a very telling moment that we thought many photographers would love to have happen during an assignment. It is the photo that tells the story. We also agreed that the image could have been made stronger by cropping in a little on the right to clean up some of the background. Third Place was a standard portrait, but we felt that it did a good job of incorporating the performance management aspect of her job into the background.

Judges: Amanda Morrison/Watertown Daily Times, Justin Sorensen/Watertown Daily Times, Stephen Swofford/Watertown Daily Times