Mid-Atlantic Region – July 2016 – General News

Judges Comments

A multiple entry is only as strong as the weakest image. We judged the multiple categories as a whole (considering ordering, composition variation, moment), and considered pictures individually when making our decisions. Crucial to edit tight, especially with political convention coverage which can become redundant/predictable. Some multiples would have made fantastic galleries/print packages for daily news, but had weak images that didn't rise to a "contest" standard, so to say. We thought a few of the entries would have fit better into features. First place has a tight edit with four strong individual storytelling images, which made it stand out. Second place has strong moment, clean composition and emotion. Love the choice of tight crop on third place, made it stand out against other silent protest photos of this nature.

Judges: Jenna Watson/ The Indianapolis Star, Kelly Wilkinson/ The Indianapolis Star