Northwest Region – June 2016 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

This was a fairly strong category with lots to see, but the winners were clear with clean composition, compelling content and thoughtfulness in approach. First place stood out as a unique slice-ofa- parade story that showed us how the photographer sees differently. Second place brings the viewer right into the field – we felt like we could almost smell the lavender in the air. Nicely done. Third place was the strongest of several graphical and/or silhouette-like images in this category but its interesting composition, quality toning and sense of place were key. Call us old-school but we wish the photographer had gotten and published the roofer's name, though. The honorable mention is a nice all-around fun picture and we’re happy it was made, but we’d love to see more of a moment from this kind of situation.

Judges: Andy Colwell/Erie Times-News, Jack Hanrahan/Erie Times-News