West Region – April 2016 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

The top five entries were all very strong. First place captured a baseball bat breaking at the perfect moment. We've all shot broken bats, but never at such a moment. Very clean, too. Second place is always a difficult fielding shot to capture. We liked the perfectly horizontal position of the player, and we also liked the eyes in the background. Third place was another breaking bat photo that wasn't as clean as the first place photo, and it could have used a much tighter crop. The honorable mention went to another fielder diving for a baseball. However, the busy backgound detracted from it compared to the second place winner. There was another entry of a baseball player diving for a catch that just missed the cut. These final five were all very strong.

Judges: Phelan M. Ebenhack/Freelance, John Raoux/Associated Press, Stephen Dowell/Orlando Sentinel, Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel