West Region – April 2016 – General News

Judges Comments

For some reason, there were some very strong sports photos that were entered as general news. Overall, the final cut contained some very beautiful photos. First place was a beautiful silhouette with the American flag. It immediately popped out during the initial view of all of the photos. Second place was a striking, almost mono-chromatic shot of a dead fish on parched soil. Third place had nice composition and we liked the eyes of the subject on the right. First honorable mention went to a photo of a housing being moved. We liked the composition and the line of people in front. The second honorable mention went to a speaking shot, but we liked the composition of all of the soldiers surrounding him at the podium. An ordinary situation, but nicely composed.

Judges: Phelan M. Ebenhack/Freelance, John Raoux/Associated Press, Stephen Dowell/Orlando Sentinel, Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel