Central Region – March 2016 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

(CHAIR'S NOTE: The Second Place image in this category was moved from Sports Action to Sports Feature. Judges felt the image was clearly in the wrong category, but it's content still warranted an award. Through consultation with the National Clip Chair the image was moved to the proper category for judging. A reminder to entrants - feature moments are found away from the action between the whistles, or after the whistles. Just because you used a fast shutter speed, doesn't mean it's sports action. Feature captures the emotion of victory and defeat and the out-of-the ordinary away from the action.) In the spirit of the category, we wanted to reward those "found" moments at a sporting event. After some time looking through the photos all of the reaction frames seemed to run together. First Place- We really wanted to reward this funny moment in a situation when nearly everything is scheduled. Usually when covering NCAA tournaments, it can be hard to find players not on the court. Good job on the photographer to find something unique. Second Place- Obvious choice for this category. Peak action after a game winning shot. Nice reaction and dejection layering within one frame. This was the gold standard for the reaction photos in this selection. Third Place- Two steps to the left, moving the other person out of the frame more, this would have placed higher. The guy in front of you is what killed this for us, but way to find something away from the

Judges: David Welker/Freelance, Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun