Central Region – March 2016 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

Basketball, Basketball, Basketball. Must be March?! While all the basketball action was solid, none raised above any of the others. First Place- This wrestling throw had all of the things we wanted from an action photo: Peak action, clean background, expressions, with the added bonus of having the coach's reaction in the background. Nice job. Second Place- Something different than the tight shot of two wrestlers. We also really liked this one because it gave a bit of context to the scale of the National Championships. What made this standout from all the other wide action shots (i.e. basketball) is that, with wrestling, it is unpredictable if they are going to come your way or not. This isn't your typical "floor remote" frame. Third Place- We kept coming back to the photo, love the moment. It was something that you don't always see in competition.

Judges: David Welker/Freelance, Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun