Northwest Region – March 2016 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

Sports action has always been a strong category and it’s an incredibly difficult subject. It may not seem that way to most but you must consider that the first half of great sports action is a collision of cliches. The second half is how well your image measures up to the greatest of those images. In other words, in order to be considered the best requires us to find something that is at least as good or greater than any of the other 500 billion wonderful sports action images we’ve seen. So, in one sense, it’s relatively simple (especially with today’s AF lenses compared to a previous generation shooting all manual focus) to shoot an excellent sports image but far more difficult to as good or better than what has been seen before. The answer, of course, is within our own worldview. How we see the world is our first step to greatness because no one has or ever will know the world exactly as you do.

Judges: Kim Leeson/Freelance, David Leeson/Freelance, (Formerly of The Dallas Morning News)