New England Region – March 2016 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

All of these winners could benefit from tighter editing and more time spent on shooting. If you have more genuine, story-telling images you don't have to use as much filler. We understand the nature of the business and know that's why great stories are rare. We never have enough time. First place is well done but very redundant. We thought the story could have been told quicker with half the number of photos. Four or five were very strong and well executed, but the rest didn't need to be there. Overall, the photographer did a nice job of showing daily life at the charter school. Second place had a couple nice moments but lacked a telling lead photo. It was so close but the photographer probably needed a little more time to find the lead picture. Third place needed more photos of the subject and less of the cute pigs. We didn't know anything about the subject until we read the captions.

Judges: John Starks/Daily Herald, Rick West/Daily Herald, Paul Valade/Daily Herald