West Region – February 2016 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

Interesting how three judges can come up with totally different winners. Again we pretty much agreed on the first place, it being the only one all three of us voted for in the first round. It's just a really solid soccer action with the added "ball face" attraction and the dangling tongue. Second is another soccer that one judge didn't even have in his top 5 (d'oh!) but too bad, the photo editors both had it in their top 3. Heading the ball in soccer is pretty routine stuff but it is usually the best stuff too and with two heads in contact with the ball and two strong grimacing faces it's a good one. For 3rd there were several really nice basketball on-the-floor images that were in each top-5 and one hockey goalie save. Two judges liked the lungeing goalie while this judge said, "if you sit up top shooting hockey and miss this, you're in the wrong business." But I was outvoted. 3rd to hockey.

Judges: Guy Reynolds/The Dallas Morning News, Michael Hamtil/The Dallas Morning News, Andy Jacobsohn/The Dallas Morning News