West Region – February 2016 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

Lot of disagreement here but first place had the nod from all three judges. Simple portrait that's well lit although for a portrait it might've been stronger had the kid not been playing the instrument. Feels a little forced that way but it's a strong image. Second is a large series of cops and dogs that has a couple of very nice ones but overall is weakened by too many. The first one is sweet and so is the last one. #6 could have been but the crop at the bottom is awful. Certainly there were enough frames shot to avoid that. Or, if the crop is intentional to not show the dog's genitals then that's just stupid. Dogs have genitals. Get over it. Third was the best of the rest. Nice comp and light.

Judges: Guy Reynolds/The Dallas Morning News, Michael Hamtil/The Dallas Morning News, Andy Jacobsohn/The Dallas Morning News