New England Region – January 2016 – General News

Judges Comments

1st was a good job of getting of a courtroom hug with a wide angle. Either good planning or luck, either way it worked. 2nd place of the New Years Day swimmers showed initiative by the photographer getting out into the water. 3rd place had some redundant images. A tighter edit would have worked better; it may have moved it up in the standings. We had to read the 5th caption before we were knew that it was a military memorial procession. It is important lay out what the story is in the first caption. On the plus side the photographer had ids, it seemed that a lot of the captions in the contest did not have names.

Judges: Bob Hallinen/Alaska Dispatch News, Tara Young/Alaska Dispatch News, Marc Lester/Alaska Dispatch News, Loren Holmes/Alaska Dispatch News, Erik Hill/Alaska Dispatch News