Monthly News Clip Contest Judges

The Monthly News Clip Contest runs each month throughout the year across the NPPA’s nine regions. The contest consists of seven categories in which entrants can be awarded first, second and third place, each worth 50, 40 and 30 points respectively. Entrants also receive five points for each month they enter the contest. The entrant with the most points in each region at the end of the year is the Regional Photographer of the Year.

More information on the contest’s categories can be found here.

A different judge is selected for each month and region of the contest. That judge than convenes a panel to complete their assigned judging. Judges reside outside of their assigned judging region. If you are interested in being a judge please contact your regional clip chair.

Kyle Grantham

New England Region:
Sean D. Elliot

N.Y./International Region:
Steve Russell

Mid-Atlantic Region:
Corey Perrine

Southeast Region:
Matt Stamey

Midwest Region:
Mykal McEldowney

South Region:
Rick Choate

Central Region:
Matt Gade

Northwest Region:
Larry Steagall
Meegan Reid

West Region: