2019 – 3rd Quarter – General News

Judges Comments

First place - This picture stood out for many reasons. It’s technically sound and there’s a lot going on in the frame. It’s interesting that the subject’s own child is in effect his protest “sign” since he says in the quote that he’s concerned about kids being detained and he brought his own child to the protest. In addition, the action in the background adds to the context instead of detracting. Second place - An interesting way of seeing something that could otherwise ended up being people at podium kind of photo assignment. The image draws you in with the different expressions. It was well composed with the image within an image with that TV included up top. Third place - Great color/contrast/light. It’s interesting too that most of the people in the background are under umbrellas and in a different light, unlike the subject of the photo, which contrasts her from the crowd. We docked it since it felt a little overworked in post and too cropped in.

Judges: Amy Voigt (The Toledo Blade), Kurt Steiss (The Toledo Blade), Phil Kaplan (The Toledo Blade), Rebecca Benson (The Toledo Blade)