2019 – 2nd Quarter – Feature

Judges Comments

First: Nice moment in the rain. Weather art can be difficult to shoot so the emotion on the girls’ faces adds more depth to the photo rather than it being a typical, “hey it’s raining” photo. Composition is nice because it leads your eye to the subjects in the background. The image is well exposed and sharp. Second: As far as found moments this is a good example of watching your background for other possible photo opportunities. The photo makes the viewer stop and wonder what’s going on. There are little details in the photo that keep the viewers attention. Like the iPhone lens directly lining up with the man’s left eye. Third: The photographer was able to tell the woman’s personality without showing her face. Great use of lighting and incredibly sharp image. The tan skin, bright hat and dress, jewelry and cigarette are great examples of scanning for other characteristics that give a sense of place.

Judges: Briana Sanchez/El Paso Times, Mark Lambie/El Paso Times