2019 – 1st Quarter – Picture Story/Essay

Judges Comments

In this category we were looking for stories that showed depth in depicting the subject matter. Entries that went beyond scratching the surface and presented a deep understanding of the topic. This includes multiple visits and multiple days with the subject matter. The first place story quickly rose to the top of the bunch. The photographer put in a ton of time, shot the story very well, and we left feeling like we had a deep understanding of the subjects of the story. Second place was a very close second. Everything that was said about the first place winner applies to second place as well. This story could benefit from some additional time. Third place was nice spot news coverage. The photographer did a good job of getting out into the story. We’d like to see deeper coverage, expanding beyond the day of the flooding. This would include follow up coverage of those impacted by the flood.

Judges: Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean (Nashville, Tenn.) , Courtney Pedroza / The Tennessean (Nashville, Tenn.) , Henry Taylor / The Leaf-Chronicle (Clarksville, Tenn.)