2018 – 1st Quarter – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

FIRST: Good composition that frames subject in context of the situation. It is very clear that the subject is feeling emotional and overwhelmed after a big loss. It’s easy to sympathize with him and recognize how he’s feeling while the press is also bombarding him. Well done for getting in the right position and framing this well. SECOND: The young gymnasts’ excitement is palpable in this picture, and it helps to see their teammate who (presumably) just did something great on the right side. This is well-framed too, with no fingers or anything cut off. THIRD: This image reminds us of “Where’s Waldo” but at a basketball court. The action is apparent from the out-of-focus dunking player, but it’s most fun to look around the crowd and witness the reactions of fans. It’s tempting to go right for the dunking action shot, but this is interesting in that it shows you something different than usual.

Judges: Patrick Connolly/Orlando Sentinel, Sarah Espedido/Orlando Sentinel