2018 – 1st Quarter – Sports Action

Judges Comments

FIRST: Nice symmetry in composition, all of the lines lead to the subject in the center of the frame. You can see the Cornell shooter’s face and you captured the peak moment of action well. The background and lighting are clean and nothing distracts from the action itself. SECOND: Pitching is very repetitive, but this photographer found a unique and creative approach to what could have been a typical photo of a pitcher. These shots are risky but pay off if well executed. Here, the pitcher’s face is sharp enough for this to work. THIRD: This head-on tight shot of a swimmer is scene rarely captured in swimming. You see a lot of shots from the side or wider angles, but this is a bold tight crop that is sharp enough to work really well.

Judges: Patrick Connolly/Orlando Sentinel, Sarah Espedido/Orlando Sentinel