2018 – 1st Quarter – Picture Story/Essay

Judges Comments

Submissions in this category are too weak to warrant awards for 2nd and 3rd place. This is because they are photo essays that cover topics on a surface level. More specifically, you can make a beautiful picture but it loses impact if the story concept is not clear. For instance, March For Our Lives was covered by news outlets across the nation. To warrant a photo essay, honing in on an individual and his/her personal reasons for participating in the march would give the story concept more focus. FIRST: By comparison to other submissions, this is a concept that goes beyond the surface. There are several ways in which a viewer can relate to the subjects, making way for a more impactful piece. I like that subjects were photographed in locations of personal significance to them/him/her. Overall, portraits are well executed.

Judges: Patrick Connolly/Orlando Sentinel, Sarah Espedido/Orlando Sentinel