2018 – 1st Quarter – Feature

Judges Comments

FIRST: This is a relevant, significant, and intimate portrayal of what is at stake at the March for our Lives event that happened across the nation. We remarked that this picture is reminiscent of historical images you see from the Civil Rights Movement. SECOND: Great composition as the eye wanders around the image in the foreground and background. It’s clear that this can serve as a comprehensive image for the focus of the story. The picture gives you lots of information through its layers, even though it’s a little bit dark. We recognize it was a technically tricky situation to shoot. THIRD: A fun and fresh portrayal of the often-dreaded weather feature. There’s a strong moment of joy, the flamingo is eye catching and you know immediately where the picture was taken.

Judges: Patrick Connolly/Orlando Sentinel, Sarah Espedido/Orlando Sentinel