2018 – 1st Quarter – General News

Judges Comments

FIRST: A powerful moment from a high-profile news event. There’s good context in the caption, especially with the quote from one of Dr. Nassar’s former defenders. The image is also sharp and technically well executed. SECOND: Most people are familiar with awards ceremonies and events that occur on stage, but this is an intimate, behind-the-scenes moment that people typically wouldn’t see. The boy’s emotions and the dad’s pride for his son are very evident in this photo. THIRD: Vigils are tricky situations to work around without feeling like you’re intruding on the grieving process of attendees. This image shows an emotional but resilient woman and the moment is well captured in this image. It’s great that you got her name, too.

Judges: Patrick Connolly/Orlando Sentinel, Sarah Espedido/Orlando Sentinel