2018 – 2nd Quarter – Portrait & Illustration

Judges Comments

A nice variety of well-conceived and executed efforts in this category. A number of the entries would have benefitted greatly from expanded cutlines which might offer a little more context for us. We were left wondering on a number of the photos, including some of our final choices, just what the backstory was. First: We all just gravitated to the image from the start. We were drawn to the light, the composition, the moment. There’s a real timelessness to it that we is just great. Second: The cutline confirmed the tone of the photo for us. A telling image that forces the viewer to engage with a mother’s grief. Third: We liked the play of colors, the positioning of the girls and the somewhat timeless nature of this one. This one resonated more the more we looked at it.

Judges: John Hart/Wisconsin State Journal, Amber Arnold/Wisconsin State Journal, Steve Apps/Wisconsin State Journal