2018 – 2nd Quarter – General News

Judges Comments

In this category especially, as well as others too, the judges were occasionally disappointed in the lack of identifications of image subjects. Still, the photographs that rose to the top, were consensus unanimous choices, with one caveat (see below). First: Visually beautiful, but enough story-telling and narrative components to suit the category. The photographer’s willingness to stay late the light dimmed paid off on this one. Second: This is where things got a little tricky for us. This tender, quaint image rose to the final edit quickly, as we loved the moment and the backstory. We realized later that it may have been a video still, which left us reconsidering. Ultimately, we recognized its value as a stand-alone moment, and the quality seemed sufficient, but still we were left a little conflicted. Third: A telling, engaging moment from an important story. Thought a tighter crop would have added to the emotional impact.

Judges: John Hart/Wisconsin State Journal, Amber Arnold/Wisconsin State Journal, Steve Apps/Wisconsin State Journal