2018 – 2nd Quarter – Feature

Judges Comments

We thought many of the images submitted, while sometimes quite good, didn’t really fit the true definition of a found, candid or slice of life moment as defined by the rules. We know that organized events can occasionally present images that come closer to the intent of the Features definition, but a lot of the images we viewed we thought were better suited for General News. First: Was a consensus choice by the judges. Truly a slice of life moment that differs from the standard hot day/cooling off picture. Nicely seen and executed. Second: Loved the perspective and layering on this one as well the photographer’s ability to see beyond the ordinary. Third: Nice light and a unique moment elevated this entry. Really one of those cases where a larger story offered a nice feature moment as well.

Judges: John Hart/Wisconsin State Journal, Amber Arnold/Wisconsin State Journal, Steve Apps/Wisconsin State Journal