Quarter 4, 2019 – Print Multiple Page

Judges Comments

First place, Front page interesting with candid portraits, great variety, told the story really well Second Place, light-hearted, playful, and childlike joy, community photojournalism at its finest, great use of negative space on the front page, played main image larger and gave a bit of the story, eyes photo paired well, it’s hard to make and present images like the opener that don’t read as isolation and find a way to make it remain joyful, execution from photographer to print worked out perfectly Third Place, beautiful opener, great flow, white space used well and layout utilized well

Judges: Cheriss May, photographer, WPOW president, Adjunct Howard University, Kristen McNicholas, Freelance Visuals Editor, WPOW member, Kaitlyn Dolan, Photo Editor, Science Magazine, WPOW member